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Thomson, Amy. Storyteller.

Penguin, Berkley, Ace. 374p. c2003. 0-441-01094-6. $14.00. SA

On the Earth colony of Thalassa, gentle whale-like harsal swim the seas, some with their telepathically bonded human companions, and history is passed on from generation to generation by the venerated Storyteller's Guild. Teller, the oldest living storyteller, rescues a scruffy orphan boy and makes him her apprentice. As he grows up under her care. Samad learns how both the Storytellers and the har-captains help keep human society running smoothly--and also learns Teller's secrets and how they will affect his life. The story is basically a mythology of the planet, and the writing is respectful to the point of being stilted; the characters never quite come to life. But the planet is beautiful, and the tale is nicely told. Fans of thoughtful SF should enjoy it. Deirdre Root, Ref. Libn., Middletown P.L., Middletown, OH
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Author:Root, Deirdre
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 1, 2004
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