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Thomas Olverson: grading the headmaster.

Tom Olverson scores high marks as headmaster of Seabury Hall: Since he arrived from Louisiana in 1987 to replace a retiring Roger Melrose, the 38-year-old Olverson has added a sixth grade to the formerly 7-12 academy and boosted enrollment from 200 to its present 301, despite raising tuition 43 percent to $6,000 annually. Moreover, attrition (which at 23 percent was nearly double the national average) is down to 7 percent in 1991, and applications for admission have tripled. How did Olverson accomplish this? By doing his homework -- and finding that 27-year-old Seabury was funded largely by its seven-day boarding program, which drew wealthy local and foreign students "who had problems and needed an alternative, or whose parents didn't want them to get beaten up at Baldwin High," says Olverson. Intent on improving Seabury's academic caliber, he cut boarding to five days a week and quadrupled the financial aid budget to $220,000. Says Olverson, "We're working to make this a top-flight Maui prep school."

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Title Annotation:Seabury Hall prep school
Author:Shaneff, Carl
Publication:Hawaii Business
Date:May 1, 1991
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