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This week i....

DISCOVERED that me and Freddie Mercury have more in common than a first name.

And no, I haven't grown a 'tash.

During a particularly energetic portion of this week's Piccolo music gathering, we were required to stop at a second's notice and stand still.

It was at this point throughout the song that I chose to adopt Freddie's signature air-punching pose. It was uncanny.

But I don't know why I'm surprised. Everyone knows me and Hugh are the champions.

FINALLY got my wish to stay out for three consecutive nights.

It's not that I don't love mum and dad ... as well as the comfort of my own bed.

I just feel that I'm ready for that step, and Annie and Grandad's house is just so much fun.

Not only do they have a dedicated treat cupboard (the only thing we have resembling that at Telfer Towers is the Schmackos tin for the dogs), but they also have a steady stream of callers by (aunties, uncles and the like) who are only too happy to indulge my pirate roleplay. Not sure if they're ready for three days of it though...

REDUCED the parentals to giggling wrecks during our Valentine's meal out.

As I was tucking into my ham pizza at our local and very friendly, Italian eatery, Mum casually asked whether I often had pizza at my other local Italian... the one next to Annie and Grandad's house. To which I replied, with a sigh befitting a pensioner (and this is verbatim): "No. Just bloody chips."

I'm thinking of trying out at the next open mic spot at nurser y.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Feb 19, 2011
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