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This week: You want... you need... you must have.

Byline: Cath Rapley

If school was the best time of your life, relive those third-year party snogathons by playing the School album, pounds 15.99, and bopping round your lounge to old faves from Wham and Tight Fit. (Gymslips are optional.) Based on the club night of the same name, see for details.

While you're at it, stuff your face with old-school chocolate flavours (Mars, Twix, etc). The ice-cream versions now come in tubs for the bargain price of pounds 2.79 each - so you can gorge to your heart's content.

Go out

Moshing around at the front of a gig is a good way to keep warm and meet people and our piece de resistance in the concert stakes has to be Air. OK, so you're more likely to sway in a stroking-goatee-beard kind of way than leap around while listening to France's premiere musique makers, but you could meet a sexy boy. Air are playing from Southampton to Dublin (with a fair few towns in-between.) Call 0115-912 9000 or go to

Of course, when you've bagged a funky French boy you'll need to take him somewhere arty, so try the Fashion Images de Mode photography exhibition at Proud Central, 5 Buckingham Street, London WC2. It's full of tres experimental images of fashion from top artistes such as Rankin and David LaChapelle. If you can't make it, don't fret, there's a book of the same name (pounds 19.99, Vision On) to accompany the show.


He's been away too long that bloomin' Jarvis Cocker but rejoice and be glad as Pulp are back with a new album, We Love Life, on 22 October. Amazingly, this is their seventh album so Jarvis has decided to go back to nature. `We stripped away all things,' he says, `and were left with bare earth, trees and nature.' Don't believe us? Check out the current single Trees featuring Jarvis warbling, `the trees, those useless trees' before adding that they do, `produce the air that I am breathing.' Smashing.

Some celebrities (like Geri and Madonna) are dropping dairy products from their diet but it's obvious to us that they're missing out. For example, did you know you'd have to eat 29 tablespoons of sesame seeds or 12 servings of spinach to absorb the same amount of calcium as you would from a glass of milk? Lovely chocolate milkshake versus spinach. Which would you rather have?

Be luxuriously sumptuous and do a good deed by investing in the new Kitten Shops New York City range from BeneFit. They're donating every penny they earn from these products to the NY relief fund. The Kitten Sparkling Shopping Powder in a Puff (pounds 19.50) is coppery pink and lightly scented, and Shopping Lipshine (pounds 13.50) is a complementary coppery shade too. Now how can you keep your paws off those? Call 0901- 113 0001 for stockists.


You can see it in the stars, you can see it in the cards, you can see it in the dominoes. Yes! If you want to know your future, you can do it yourself with basic equipment, as Jane Struthers will tell you in her new book, Tell Your own Fortune (pounds 10.99, Kyle Cathie). Crammed with handy hints from how to tell when The One is going to come mountain-biking up your garden path to when your boss is going to give you a million-pound pay rise, it's easy to follow, not at all weirdy and a good way to impress your friends with party tricks involving a set of dice and a cuppa.

Moody because summer's over? Then sniff one of Virgin Vie's new scents (just pounds 10 each) and they'll transport you back to your holiday romance. Choose from the beach, the tropics, a picnic or the sea, and wallow in the mood-triggering smells to take you back to your favourite sunshiney place. Our fave, Go Beach, is a combo of sweet coconut and suntan lotion. Lovely! Call 0845-300 8022 for stockists

Madge made yoga fashionable. But all of us get a bit bored of doing the same old stretchy stuff after a while. If that's how you feel, check out yogaboxing - a new spiritual exercise art which combines yoga, tai chi and chi qung to the sound of African rhythms. Its main movement is snapping your wrists and unblocking energy in the sex area of your bod. Confused? So are we. But after a session apparently your body will be honed physically, you'll sleep better and your skin will look younger. Sign us up now. Call 020-8572 1168.

After all that finger flicking you'll be in need of a wipe down. So make like celebs such as Britney and Drew Barrymore and grab some Motorwash shower gel, pounds 15, or Turboscrub body scrub, pounds 16.50, from Californian company Heavy Duty. Packaged like car products, they give you an excuse for treating your body like a beautifully oiled machine. Call 020-7379 0379 for stockists.


Next time you invite some mates round for tea tell them, `Darlings, if you want to dine, then come round to mine for nine.' Put on a posh frock and surprise them with a dinner party complete with a butler. Yes, for pounds 100 a head, Carole Sobell, caterer to the stars (she arranged Uri Gellar's do for his renewal of wedding vows), will arrange a party for you in your own home and bring along Jeeves too - or at least one butler for every two people. Super. So, if you have the squids, you can be lady of the manor for a night. Call 020-8200 8111.

And for after-dinner entertainment, invest in a Magic Karaoke machine (right). But don't think about the hassle of hiring a big old ghetto blaster beat box, this is just a mic. It's programmed with the lyrics and music to 800 fave tunes and all you have to do is connect it to your TV, turn on the video channel, and background pictures and lyrics will appear on screen. It'll even rate how good your singing is. Yikes! Call 0870-444 6667 or go to pounds 350 for hours of fun.


Jewelled leather belt pounds 30, Gotham Angel (020-7251 9191); Glossy Gloss pounds 20 each, Sisley (020-7491 2722); Suede bag pounds 139, Rada at Fenwick; Leather coat pounds 239, La Redoute; Nest of tables pounds 159, Habitat
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 20, 2001
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