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This show is supposed to be about the voice it's turning into ' a popularity contest.


THE SUNDAY INTERVIEW KIAN EGAN KIAN Egan has revealed he fears the wrong person will win The Voice.

Kian, the most talked about judge on RTE's biggest show ever, blasted contestants who use slick publicity campaigns to get voted through to the next stage.

The new dad warned the point of the series could be lost if the reality smash hit turns into just another popularity contest.

Kian, 31, said: "I've seen a lot of situations in the last few weeks where the wrong people have been in the bottom two, and people are being saved who shouldn't have been.

"All the judges have said it by this point.

"This show is supposed to be about the voice, that was the point from the start, but I don't think it is about the voice at all, it's turning into a popularity contest.

"Now I hope that doesn't happen, I hope the right person wins, but I'm not sure they will."

Many contestants are spending a fortune on slick publicity campaigns, hiring billboards, trucks and trailers in a desperate attempt to gain more fans and land the EUR100,000 recording contract with Universal.

Kian said: "The campaigns are a problem, they are turning it into who's got the best campaign instead of the best voice."

And Kian is backing one of his acts all the way.

He said: "Deep down we all want to win, but for me, I want the right person to win.

"I think one of my guys has the ability and talent to win it."

And he's loved his time on the show so much he wouldn't leave - even if the X Factor came knocking on his door.

Kian said: "At the end of the day, The Voice has been amazing, I have absolutely loved it.

"I don't think the X Factor thing is a reality, I think it's just a rumour, but if Simon Cowell asked me to come on as a judge I'd do both - why not? "More than 18 million people watch the X Factor and I'm having a great time on The Voice, so I'd have to do them both."

Brian McFadden hit the headlines tr recently when he tweeted thanking Westlife for earning him a fortune in royalties as he lazed about Down Under.

n t 't But easy-going Kian isn't holding a grudge against his former bandmate.

He said: "I just laugh it off, I don't see it that way and I don't think it really is that way.

"I still really like Brian, and if he earns money off the greatest hits album then so what, that's fair enough.

"He's making money because he was there when we recorded the songs, and he deserves it, that's how I see it. Besides, Brian is a very lighthearted guy, he wouldn't have meant those comments seriously. I only take it as a bit of fun."

But Kian and his Westlife bandmates won't be guests at Brian's lavish wedding in Florence, Italy, this September.

Kian said: "I wouldn't think so, I wouldn't imagine he'd invite us.

"I've never met his fiancee, I'd imagine he'll just want his family and close friends there.

"We're on friendly terms but we don't see Brian, we don't have a relationship with him.

"I might send him a text if I was in Australia but that would be it, we don't ri hwin ring each other or anything." Kian loved his time with Westlife, and admitted he will probably be in tears at the final gig in Croke Park.

But he revealed that, behind the scenes, there were a world of tensions the fans never saw.

He said: 'It's a double-edged sword. We'll never really be ready for the end of Westlife.

"Deciding to call it a day was a natural process but this will be a sad tour, there will be sad moments.

"Croke Park will be unbelievably emotional, we will all be in tears on the stage.

"But at the same time I found being in Westlife very stressful the last few years, even just trying to get everybody together, everybody had family commitments. With the four of us as time went on what we wanted out of Westlife changed, the music industry changed as well.

"It just became harder to keep the ball rolling, trying to find the right songs and producers and albums, just trying to make it all work."

For now Kian is happiest being a hands-on dad to baby Koa and at just three months old he's the apple of his daddy's - and mummy's - eye.

Kian said: "He is a delight. Right now he's in his pram with his blanket wrapped around him.

"He's a daddy's and a mummy's boy and we haven't heard him cry too much at all, and never for no reason, not even if he has a pain.

"He just gives a little yelp, and he's sleeping great at night too. Having Koa has made me enjoy life even more, it's changed everything for the better. It makes you realise what life is all about, it puts everything in perspective."

Kian said actress and singer wife Jodi has taken to motherhood like a duck to water. He added: "We're both really enjoying the quiet side to life, just chilling out at home, the three of us.

"Jodi's had a lot of interest from the UK, she's had quite a few offers, but for now she just wants to chill and relax."

In fact the A-list couple are enjoying parenthood so much, they're planning lots of brothers and sisters for Koa.

Kian said: "We're definitely not going to leave the little guy on his own, brothers and sisters are very important.

"But we're not going to rush into it, we're going to leave it for a few years. There's no need to rush."

?The Voice is on tonight at 8.30pm on RTE One.


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