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This one's hard to beat... how Ossie had Keith cracked.

Byline: Hancock

IT HAS been remarked to Hancock that there are few, if any, genuine wits among the crop of politicians on Birmingham City Council.

But one of the dying breed is chairman of the planning committee Peter Douglas Osborn. The Tory chairman recounted his recent tour of the new Cadbury offices in Bournville, which his committee had approved for development, when he was interrupted.

Well-rounded Labour man Keith Linnecor, himself no stranger to Hancock's pages, said: "What we want to know is did you get any free Creme Eggs?" Quick as a flash Douglas Osborn, affectionately known as Ossie, replied: "No, we might have to declare it. Certainly in the quantities you would require them."

As Councillor Linnecor later commented: "There's no treading on eggshells when Ossie's involved."
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Apr 30, 2010
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