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This machine eats computer hard drives.


* Preventing the. wrong people from acquiring discarded computer hard drives is not a problem if one has the Jackhammer Hard Drive Shredder that has just been developed by Security Engineered Machinery of Weathers, Mass.

The metal eating monster with a handy discharge conveyer is able to consume up to 20 hard drives a minute with no muss, no fuss and little noise.

The shredder, which relies on saw-tooth, hooked cutters, slices electronic devices into disposable one-and-a half-inch ships. The Jackhammer is powered by a five horsepower high-torque motor that cannot be activated unless the operator has a special security key.

A company spokesman says that the machine has no problem digesting optical media, cell phones, memory sticks and other digital components.

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Comment:This machine eats computer hard drives.(TECH TALK: A TIP-SHEET ON THE LATEST GADGETS)
Author:Williams, Robert H.
Publication:National Defense
Date:Jul 1, 2009
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