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This is my life!

The future is what you do with your own life. The ideas in our minds. Ideas we believe in and try to realize. Here are some people who had an idea, held onto it and managed to carry it out. They all contributed to the development of the Utopia Station as well as this magazine. ICAF would like to thank each and every one of you very much!

Ralf Hahne, Photodesigner. Studied in Dortmund, worked in Berlin for many years and now lives in Munich as a freelance photographer. Ralf contributed to the work of ICAF e.V. with his fantastic photos from the early stages onward--even though he is a very busy man. He is a photographer for advertising and architecture and has many projects in addition to ICAF. For instance he traveled to Vietnam with a team of doctors from Interplast to document their work in pictures. Interplast coordinates medical doctors for free reconstructive plastic surgery for needy children and adults who have nowhere else to turn for help. All of the pictures in this magazine were digitally reproduced by him.

Thank you Ralf!

Mark Fandre, Online Consultant/Project Manager. Born in Rhineland, earned his first money as a designer in Berlin. He has now found his home in Munich and has supported many ICAF projects with his creative ideas and handy skills. Without Mark, many things would not have been possible. Thank you Mark!

Ruth Meros lives alternately in Tel Aviv and Munich. She took over one of the most important of the ICAF projects: She realized Utopia in Israel and thereby helped enable children to express their wishes for a more peaceful world. The children in that region demand a world without any borders, a message that is clearly conveyed in their pictures. Thank you Ruth!

Rainer Janicki is the father of two children. A freelance copywriter and creative director for various German advertising agencies, he is also a founding member of ICAF, Germany. He spends all of his spare time on creating a better world for the children. And not all of it is spent on great and costly projects. Freedom and understanding start small, at your own doorstep. "Future only stands a chance if children develop an understanding for each other." Thank you Rainer.

Antje Tesche-Mentzen, painter and sculptor, lives in Munich, Venice and Hafendorf. She has made a name for herself with many exhibitions in Germany and abroad. In Munich she runs Germany's oldest school of painting for children. Her motto: A child's imagination is unlimited. It soars into realms that have long since become inaccessible to us adults. Children link the most incredible things with one another, as though doing so were perfectly natural and logical. Antje Tesche-Mentzen is a Honorary Board Member of ICAF e.V. Thank you Antje!

Peter Eduard Meier, who runs with his sister Brigitte the well-known and family-owned Eduard Meier Shoe Company in the 13th generation, is involved in a lot of cultural and social projects. He has an exhibition area in one of the most heavily frequented subway stations in Munich, which he is happy to place at the disposal of ICAR "The exhibition in the Odeonsplatz subway station with pictures by children from all over the world, who took part in this competition, is a think-tank of the future. With the aid of our imaginations we can use them to learn how to transcend boundaries, destroy prejudices and develop alternative models to the sterile virtual world of computers and the media. We want to use this action to give everyone, not just children, the courage and enthusiasm to participate actively in shaping the world of tomorrow". Peter Eduard Meier is a Honorary Board Member of ICAF e.V. Thank you Peter!

Martina Borkner and Christof Feinweber are two freelance architects from Munich. They decided to help found ICAF e.V. because they were so impressed by the quality and diversity of the children's work.

"There is a unique force in a child's fantasy which might be explained by the fact that there are no words to express those highly intense feelings. And it is precisely this loss for words which offers the opportunity to communicate beyond the limits of language and to understand and appreciate the hopes, wishes and fears of previously unfamiliar cultures." Thank you Martina and Christof!
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Title Annotation:Thank You
Date:Oct 1, 2004
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