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This is how Mobile Apps are Revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry.

Byline: Jack Larson

We live in an era where mobile apps have become a real need. At Google I/O, the largest Android developer conference, Google touted 150,000 developers responsible for more than 800,000 apps, while discussions with external research analysts puts the number of downloaded apps from the Google Play store at around 48 billion.

After a hard work, people need some minutes to let their brain have a rest, so entertaining apps are a very good option. So how do mobile apps improve the entertainment industry and make it diversified? Let's find out it.

The feature list of entertaining apps is different and it is impossible to indicate a single list that will be appropriate. Each app requires its own list according to requirements from a customer. If you want to monetize your entertaining app, you should first analyze existing apps made by your competitors to find out what business model they use.

let's consider the most popular ones.

Free apps

Such apps are free to use generally, but there is in-app purchase feature that users often use to buy additional bonuses, new levels in the game or digital coins. Also, free apps often contain advertising.

Paid apps

Such premium apps are available only for a fixed price, but there are many additional features that create a gaming experience of users much brighter and deeper. Also, premium apps lack advertising.

Grossing apps

Such entertainment apps are one of the most popular, Netflix app available in Android and iOS platform are greatest example. Video streaming services make it possible for users to watch new movies, TV shows, TV series, and so on.

The circumference of the media and entertainment sector has transcended and it has crossed the geographical boundaries to become digitalized and available online. Whether you want to watch your favorite film or sports channel, you can do so with just a few taps on your smart devices.

It is well and good that you are paying a lot more attention on providing a rich and engaging content to entice the users to the app. However, you have to focus equally on the user experience if you want your app to land on a successful note.

The design of the app should be such that each and everything right from the icon design to navigation impresses the user in the first attempt. Make the app simple with easy to understand menu structure. The videos should be streaming in high quality with a good interface.

Media and entertainment industry has been spending substantial amount of money on advertising since long. Marketing in this field has now become simple with the introduction of apps. Mobile apps are an easy way to reach out to customers and let them know about current happenings in entertainment industry.

The way through which audience reaches out to music, videos, news and other information determines their behavior. It is vital to analyse this behavior and consumption pattern of people is everything in media and entertainment industry. This behavior forms the base for future marketing tactics.

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