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This big, open kitchen replaced a 1932 one: small, dark, crowded.

This big, open kitchen replaced a 1932 one: small, dark, crowded

It was 1932 when Shirley and Robert Ludeman's clapboard-and-stucco house in Portland was built. Its rooms were generously sized and pleasant--all except the small, dark, crowded kitchen. The Ludemans wanted a bigger, better, more hospitable kitchen with access to outdoor living space. Designer Don Betker worked with them to achieve a livable kitchen--yet one in keeping with the fine old house--that opens onto a new deck.

To enlarge the available space, Betker removed the laundry room and pantry partitions. Two double-hung windows now let light stream in above a breakfast table; flanking corner bookcases hold cook books. The back door was relocated to the breakfast room; double doors with glass panels lead to the deck.

An island with built-in cooktop directs traffic; family members can raid the refrigerator without bothering a busy cook. Counters at 36-inch height wrap around three sides of the kitchen. Next to one sink, a dropped section of counter with a maple top makes it easy to knead bread or roll out pastry.

To maintain the style of the house, the raised ceiling above the island is beamed and coffered. The angled corners outlining the raised section echo the shape of the counters below. New recessed lights illuminate the island.

All woodwork--including counter moldings, cabinets, drawers, and flooring--is white oak. All original windows were replaced with oak-framed ones.

Photo: Table flanked by bookcases occupies old laundry space. Double doors lead to new deck

Photo: Three lazy Susans make efficient use of corner cabinet. Appliances slide into countertop garage

Photo: Reason to smile: remodeled kitchen--once a 6-drawer, 1-sink, 1-oven cubbyhole--has 22 drawers, 2 sinks, 3 ovens, ample counter space. New room takes in old pantry, laundry, and kitchen

Photo: New deck off kitchen has stairs to reach lower-level deck, rear garden
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Date:Oct 1, 1987
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