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This architectural woodwork firm loves a challenge.


Puccetti Wood Products of Oakland, Calif., thrives on its ability to produce unique pieces for its upscale clientele, running the gamut from custom furniture and millwork to store fixtures.

Owner Bill Puccetti readily admits that the more difficult and strange the design, the better he likes it. "Anybody can make a box. Personally, I love to be challenged and I enjoy working with a variety of materials - solid wood and laminates mostly, but also faux products. We just finished making a reception desk out of stainless steel built into a faux rock. It is a one-of-a-kind piece like so much of what we do, although sometimes our customers can also require 100 pieces of the same item."

Puccetti has been in the woodworking business for 20 years, beginning as a carpenter. He worked his way into the custom end, for which he finds his art and industrial background an asset. He has been highly successful in his own business, which has grown from a garage operation five years ago to the present 18,000-square-foot plant with more than 20 employees.

Puccetti strives to render whatever his clients specify. Often that means using exotic woods like bubinga and anigre, plus a fair amount of teak, cherry, walnut and mahogany.

Equipment complements designs

Puccetti has purchased several pieces of SCMI equipment since founding his company. A prime example is a 52-inch, two-head wide belt sander that Puccetti says is put to work every day "saving us a lot of time and money." The sander is the most expensive piece of equipment Puccetti owns, but well worth it because of its speed and accuracy.

Puccetti says he purchased the SCMI sander for his finishing needs after canceling an order with another equipment supplier because "their delivery time was terrible." He is very happy he did. "This is an important machine in our operation. I only let three or four of the employees operate this machine."

The company also has an SCMI B4L edgebander which saves "a tremendous amount of time in our operation." The B4L is used to apply everything from laminate edges to veneer tape, plus solid wood edgings up to 3/4 inch thick. Puccetti says it was one of his first purchases four years ago and it remains an excellent component of his operation.

"It is efficient and helps cut labor costs," he says. "I don't buy machines to cut employees," Puccetti adds, "but machines like this help me to redeploy my employees so that I can better utilize their talents and maximize productivity."

Before signing the dotted line to purchase a new piece of equipment, Puccetti carefully researches the marketplace. He shops the woodworking machinery shows and talks to people who own similar machinery. "I believe it is important to research machinery and compare the features of what is available.

"It is also very important to know what kind of service support you have to back you up," Puccetti said. "You have to look at a company's service department and be realistic. A machine will break down and you have to ask what they will do if it does. You don't want to be kept waiting for a shipment of parts. Our edgebander is a complicated piece of machinery with a lot of parts, but when we have had an occasional breakdown, the service has been tremendous because the backup from SCMI is great."

Puccetti buys his SCMI machinery through C.B. Tool and says he has become one of their best salespeople. "I get calls from people about my SCMI equipment, and I tell them that it is good equipment and dollar for dollar is a good value. I think SCMI is an excellent source for woodworking machinery."

PHOTO : Puccetti's SCMI S52 planer features four feed speeds and sectional infeed rollers.

PHOTO : Puccetti works with a variety of materials, such as the faux rock and stainless steel used in this reception desk.
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