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This South: I.

Angular in vision Feminine in aura Masculine in concept Fundamental in landscape

A pointed land Language folk speaking Tongues of a secret ambiguity


On a fragmented landscape

(a canvas)

layered on a black man's hands crooning 'cause white boys churning blues from guitars now

This is the South green grass stretched like lace along a Mississippi trail The men The women whose slurred speech whipped the back of my grandpapa's papa my grandmama's mama wave to me as if I am their own

It is a chorale of waves miscengenated voices of boys and girls she milked of boys and girls she birthed then sold
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Title Annotation:Section 3: Sayings, Sermons, Tall Tales, and Lies - Contemporary Black Poetry; poem
Author:Hyman, Ramona L.
Publication:African American Review
Date:Mar 22, 1993
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