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This Queen Elizabeth Disgusting Habit Once Infuriated Prince Charles.

It may seem like Queen Elizabeth has spent her whole life attending to her royal responsibilities, but she hasn't. Despite her busy schedule as a monarch, she sees to it that she still has time for her pet corgis. In fact, she has this one disconcerting habit when it comes to her pets that once infuriated Prince Charles.

( Queen Elizabeth has long been passionate about corgis. She has reigned for almost 7 decades now, but even before she became Queen in 1952, she had already kept corgis. The Queen started taking care of corgis when she was 18, and she still does at 93. However, she has a gruesome habit that sometimes triggers the wrath of the other members of the royal family.

In her book "Prince Edward," royal author Ingrid Seward shared that Queen Elizabeth has little ways that can disconcert those who are not used to them. "Romy Adlington recalled one night watching the Queen picking ticks off her corgis and throwing them into the fire," Seward wrote, referring to Prince Edward's former girlfriend.

"Each one made a spitting sound noise as it hits the flames. In the end, it got too much for ( Prince Charles . He said, 'Oh really! Do you have to do that here?'" she added. Despite that, Queen Elizabeth still carried on.

In the 2013 Netflix documentary "The Royals," royal expert Philip Dampier revealed how Queen Elizabeth lovedA her corgis. Dampier recounted how one Buckingham Palace servant, Matthew King, got fed up with the Queen's pets and took revenge too far one day by spiking the corgis' food with whiskey and gin. "One of the corgis actually died from alcoholic poisoning, and the Queen of course was absolutely furious," he said.

In the end, Queen Elizabeth demoted the servant. "I don't ever want to see him again," she reportedly told the courtiers.

Last year, Queen Elizabeth laid her last corgi, Willow, to rest. The Queen reportedly said that she didn't want to pass on the responsibility of corgi breeding to someone else after her death, so she decided to wind down her life-long practice of keeping corgis.

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Publication:Latin Times
Date:Aug 2, 2019
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