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This Israeli wants to jazz it up with Indians.

EHUD Ettun was only six- yearsold when he started playing the piano. It could have been his instrument of choice, but it was not meant to be. Later, he started strumming the guitar, but that too didn't really strike a chord with him. It was when he picked up the double bass that he truly felt a sense of belonging.

" I used to play the piano as a kid, like many other kids," says the Israeli musician. " Then I got into music more seriously with the guitar. Thereafter, I started playing jazz and became even more dedicated towards music as I started playing the double bass." As a double bass player, and a bandleader, Ettun has performed in several parts of the world. From New York's Blue Note to Washington's Kennedy Centre and Boston's Symphony Hall, the musician has played at a number of venues.

Recently, he played in India for the second time at the India International Centre with his jazz compatriots, the Ehud Ettun Trio that includes Daniel Schwarzwald and Nathan Blankett as well.

The Delhi gig was preceded by concerts in Bengaluru, which he found to be amazing. " The audience too was incredible," he adds.

Ettun loves the feeling of a live concert.

He says, " I really, really love the audience interaction during a concert. The feeling I get while connecting with the people when I am on stage is incredible. Also, I love collaborating with musicians from different places." Although he hasn't yet collaborated with any Indian musician, he really wants it to work with his Indian counterparts.

" There are some Indian musicians -- like Zakir Hussain, for instance -- who I admire a lot. I would love to collaborate with musicians here," he adds.

Over the years, he has collaborated with the '

likes of George Garzone, Danilo Perez, Fred Hersh, Eli Degibri, Anat Cohen, Ferenc Nemeth, Donny McCaslin, Frank London and others.

Collaborations exist in his current projects as well. He has collaborated in one project with Jorge Perez Albela and George Garzone as the Pisco Trio; one has been with Japanese pianist Haruka Yabuno ( the Yabuno Ettun Project), and another with pianist Bert Seager and his group in The Why.

He also heads the Internal Compass Orchestra, a Boston- based orchestra that focuses on original compositions and improvisations.

As part of the Ehud Ettun Trio, the double bass musician will be travelling to South Korea next for a music festival in Seoul.

Thereafter, they will fly to Moscow. The trio is not only travelling to different places around the world, but is also gearing up for the release a new album together that would establish them as an entity.

Ettun says, " We recorded an album two weeks ago. It will probably take some time to get released. That will happen in the fall of 2016, perhaps." The musician has released quite a few albums till date, both as a collaborator and as a bandleader.

As the Ehud Ettun Trio, the upcoming album will be a second of such a product.

Earlier, in 2014, Ehud Ettun was joined by pianist Daniel Schwarzwald and drummer Matan Assayag for a contemporary jazz album ( Raw Gestures) that featured original compositions and arrangements.

The album was recorded a year before the release date in 2013. The three of them performed in Bulgaria, and feeling the chemistry to be ideal for an album, recorded Raw Gestures in Jersualem soon after.

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Publication:Mail Today (New Delhi, India)
Date:May 5, 2016
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