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This Is Hoeing.

So complicated like a special bird which I don't know the name of let me ask a nightingale.

I don't know this it feels like it looks like a metal him.

Meddling, read your lovely but not I love you.

It's chh not ch. It's chh not ch. It's hccch.

Read a woman pinches the folds in her jacket. She says this is not these. Read how she touches the part of her face under the eyes and says without sounds light lungs. Read your wrinkles. Read it is not this kind of folded time but the space of all things in all things. Read today is not like we think today is, today is not like today is, it is not like this.

This means we are brought here.

Read she takes the sheet of folded paper from me. Know at first she is not sure what this means. Know she doesn't want to try to know what this means. Know I know I embarrass her when I ask her again what this means please. I ask anyway just to see. Know she does not give me back my words, hesitating like a. Drip. Read now memory. * Read how what memory can remember is ice. Now memory heat's thought. Know we had a drink together. Read now memory. Know we have a drink together. Know there are solid metals that soften at the temperature of the hand. Know how she says companion means to break bread together. Know we broke bread together. Know now I break the bread again. Know I apologized that I did not speak her language. Know I smiled. Know the smile went on just long enough. To say a little something else. Then we were laughing. Read now memory. Then we are laughing.

Know there was still a desire to wake. Know that even the smallest things have desire, even the things which can never be cut into smaller things again, like Leibnitz says of monads. Know I am not from here. Know hearing phantom words happens often enough to laugh. So phantom words us. Know how she says it's too hard and it doesn't mean anything. Read it doesn't make sense. Know I asked her it she can help me with even the smallest part of anything. Know the parts that do not divide in half any further and then put them in your heads part article accelerator. Let the teams of people in your head smash the smallest words together. Know in the silence I had no option but to say all words are from a poem. Relived, know how she sighed. A kind of permission granted

to try. She says read a green sour honest.

Honestly she says the lives of the ceases.

She says this is the kin making touch possible.

I say we are all tied up in the leather sack with the snake and the rabid dog and the goat and

thrown into today's putrifications.

He says thownness.

He says read growing through.

Know the plumber says growing with help from someone else is a vacation.

Know wind is water we are closer to.

Know he says we are worlding. * So we are worldingingers. Practicing vectors of relating cess.

Know this like a plant pools. This the weather in the beginning of all those known Aprils. Know this is not good or bad but one of the things that grow out of all things including our null. Know the null experiments of last century, how hard it is to prove what isn't there isn't there, ether either or and luminous. Luminous because of fluorescing. Fluorescing because of everything we touched. Know we didn't know how to no how. No she says, not this thing. This doesn't mean this thing. Know feeling things. This means feeling thinks. Yes. This is where you are what is still left. Know now done and plunging. That there is this vast things still left to do. That I can be ok.

Read so evenly, reads so smoothly. Know maybe this means something else.

Read so hairy.

Read so sad.

Read I am so blue. Be well

read. I am well red.

The waiter says this means the place where wind is made.

Know according to your logic the waiter contemplating plates should be

the plate spokesman. I low the seat numbers. What the tables tell. I called you. You were between stations four and forever, the waiter said. For once the guests check

us out. The waiter was bussing and refilling. The waiter says I don't know if I am getting through this.

To get through. She says, Where are you from?

A shrug.

If I don't know where I am from can I know where I am?

Then something happens I can't say in this century.

Then something happens I can't say in this century.

Know how she draws a line with her index finger from her eye to her chin and says

this line means this over

and over again.

Know that she was interrupted by a man who says if you burst into these seeds easily.

Know she said: No, sorry, I cannot try trying I do not know, maybe I cannot fit into wind.

Know how he says read what can't catch fire burns me up.

Know how he said this resists the intelligence almost successfully. *

Read almost. Know how to read almost.

First they both said, I don't know, I have no idea,

we are the park, or in park. Can we be park? Are we the park we are in? I call her

a garden. We can only say what

this kind of means.

Because he says To see emptiness means to place into a percept something that belongs there but is absent and to notice its absence as a property of the present. *

Because this kind of means you,

know she says I was present no presence no present no present. Wait, how do yon say this kind of now which this here says? We now have the time for presents or presents or presence or presents or present. I mean also too.

Know that I turn to leave. Know the ritual of turning into leave. Know the tree's ritual of leaves. Know how they call me back. They say this says know how leaves return. Maybe

this means you must this kind of return

make in the garden often.

Know the texture of inklings and other ragpickers curtailed.

Know they are holding nothing in their hands but what they cannot say.

Know this is hoeing.

Know this is hoeing

the air, they say. This is turning row after turning row after turning row after turningrow after turningrow after turning row of earth in the air. Know how

she said it's so easy that it's hard for me to say, maybe

because of my internal hand writing. I mean my internal hard wiring.

Dear I don't know how to write the thing I can't see or hoe.

Know he says Language in fact exists like air; It is a medium in which we all exist. It is not that we actually learn language, it is more that language learns us. * Know how

he says in fact. Ask why. Know the things I touch before were.

Know she was the Ambassador of the Why.*

Know that words are some of the only real public spaces we have left. Have words. We had words

together. Know here say. Know the now memory is. Know how no touches.

Know how long this second time is, waiting for you to return, or is this still the first time?

Shhhh, don't tell the part of me that knows; this might mean listening.

Then the word HEART becomes HEART becomes HARD becomes ART becomes ARE.

The cause: a dog walks by. The

cause: we say R for one minute. W was his shortest

poem ever. * Translate conflict. What should this line look like.

Through shitstorms and clusterfucks. How do you see this line. I am being sight specific to the poem.

The cause be cause because that one minute is our hour, the effect is separated from

He was an architect so he talked about R values. The passive

heating and cooing. All the exchanges we had.

He was a sociolinguist so he asked people

questions in which all possible answers involved words

with the letter R: which floor are the shirts on please?

Then something happens I can't say in this century.

Then something is hidden in all the gardens which this century won't say.

In the Future of Are, then

she says read this as to take something apart, to dismantle, but I don't have the insides for this

a part taking thing. This things. This lack of all foundation. The grass on top.

Of the foundation which is not there.

The grass on top of the foundation which is not there. The rows and rows of it.

Then something happens I can't say in this century.

Then she says I had a friend who really used scissors to cut off the tip of her tongue once because words kept getting stuck there.

Know I wonder why she said once.

Read: this is a door.

Read how this door is so new that it creaks

old at the same time. A new thing that already creaks.

Know how

I nudged that crud filled creek into the garden since she was the park she was in.

Know how to nudge creeks.

Know how he calls for a REALOMETER. Something we can hold to things to perceive ourselves perceiving the holding and the things held.

Know this is like holding onto the word wind.

Know how he says in sounds just

before saying we need a Realometer that the echo is to some extant an original sound. *

Then something happens I can't say in this century.

Know the speaking forces. Know speaking is made of real forces.

Know how a picture of a tree printed on paper is almost a picture of tree on a picture of a tree.

Know how an artist pinned a piece of blank paper on a tree and said paper you are almost home.

Know she snaps.

Know one of the friend's almost pipes up this is a poem and poem's don't make sense chicken.

Now enter the Gheezery. The Gheezery, those who Geezer. Those who have again forgotten after thoughts come first sometimes but never before. Again, know how

she whispered this means how expensive hollow is. This means what is under us is nothing. But what is this nothing called? The nothing that is under us must have a name or something?

Another nothing we must enter.

Then something happens I almost can't say in this century.

Know now the entry of nothing. Know her history

of emptiness, his history of entering nothing.

Read empty. Almost empty. Nowing. Wasing.

Read basement or under mind.

Undermined means something like the relation to a home is the home,

in other words the home is the relation.

In other words read this relation is easily lost. In other words this says we

are. Read how this is not something rough or smooth.

Read like you are the very thin blown glass you are.

Know she says this is very much like a blow job.

Read how she says I don't think

this reads a blow job, I think it

means to blow glass. Know I really do sign

up for a glassing blowing course while reading his poem. I am taking the course now. I will soon blow this poem into the glass. Know by the time this translation comes out this translation will be a glass bowl that I blew too. That this is called inflation.

Know the technique of inflation, when you speak this, that the molten breath heating blob happened centuries ago, happing right now too and also.

Know one mist. Can there be one mist? This is

past tense so it means, snow covered cold.

I know this means by yourself, the first person says.

The second person says he says self-made.

The third person home, how vagabond

is a strong bond.

How auto still an (A) a poesies or (B) an apodictic or (C) an a pogee or (D) an apology apple. I pick a. No. I

kpick D. This means an apology apple. Now I depicked it.

You're old enough to decide for yourself what this means chicken, she says.

Let me get what it means for you. No.

Let me get what is means from you. No.

Let what it means get away from you. Yes. What he means is the way she says what he says.

She says moon dig moon dig moon dig moon dig moon dig moon dig, 5 times to herself but out loud. She asks two other people what moon dig could mean. She makes a crazy sign. The two people do not know what she is talking about. They look at me and I make a crazy sign. She says what the F, you asked me!

(CUT) We say the two word poem: WAKE UP. It goes like this: wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake

up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up

(WAIT!) Thanks for passing on me! No. I mean, thanks for making a pass! I mean, how do you say, thanks for passing me up? How cruddy.

Read how this says an economy of caring, I'm looking up

the definition of definition. Read how the definition of definition loops.

Read how this says if you don't have a heart then it's still more than not having heart.

Read how this says it's a non-emotional emotional thing, a head thing.

This can happen when you say I love you,

and something says, I don't give a fuck.

Read how this is my simple soul.


* Worlding is a process Olafur Eliasson uses referencing Doreen Massey

* Now Memory is a concept by Henri Bergson in Matter and Memory

* Com = with, pan = bread, ion is something either positive or negative but Donna Haraway doesn't say it exactly this way. We do break bread together now memory.

* I can find the exact location of monads and desire later

* To resist the intelligence almost successfully Wallace Stevens

* To see emptiness is from Rudolf Arnheim, Visual Thinking

* Language existing like air is from Francisco Verela

* The Ambassador of the Why is the artist Ivana Franke, but there are many

* W was Kurt Schwitters's shortest poem. Every w on any of these pages even the ones I did not write is a W poem.

* Realometer comes from Thoreau and Walden in Sounds as echo comes from Thoreau and walled in in Sounds
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