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This Country, BBC3/BBC1 ***** It []; THE DIARY.

Byline: IAN HYLAND on last night's telly, with Ashleigh Rainbird

This Country, BBC3/BBC1 *****

It would be fair to say Kurtan wasn't taking the news of Reverend Seaton's move to a new parish in Bristol at all well last night.

At first he directed his anger towards the vicar's boss: "If the archbishop told you to kick a dog in the face would you do it?" However, it soon became clear his real issue was with the man himself.

Back home, Kurtan told the film crew: "I'd rather kill him than let another parish have him." There followed an amazing homily in which HYLAND telly Kurtan likened the vicar to Andy from Toy Story, saying it would have been kinder if Andy had told his toys at the very beginning that he would one day leave them behind.

If you've been following this mockumentary from the beginning, that raw and beautiful moment won't have surprised you.

Nor would the final ever exchange between Kurtan and his cousin Kerry, after three series.

"You've never watched the documentary you're in?" Kurtan spluttered.

"Nah," Kerry replied. "Not really my sort of thing."

It's been very much my sort of thing, and I'm going to miss those two. I'm also devastated that we'll never hear the follow-up to Mandy Harris's gripping short story, Murder on the Dodgems.

Mainly though, I'll miss the distant screech of Kerry's mum Sue.

In tribute, here's my favourite rebuke of hers: "It's too early to be thinking about your tea. You only just had your Honey Nut Clusters."

Anyone self-isolating or homeworking right now would do well to remember that.


GEMS Cousins Kurtan and Kerry

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Title Annotation:Features
Author:IAN HYLAND on last night's telly, with Ashleigh Rainbird
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 24, 2020
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