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This Business of Songwriting.

This Business of Songwriting

Jason Blume

Billboard Books/Watson Guptil

770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

0823077594 $24.95

This Business Of Songwriting: A Practical Guide To Doing Business As A Songwriter is a complete, 288-page instruction manual for the aspiring songwriter. Author Jason Blume has logged twenty plus years of professional experience in song writing and publishing, and he shares that experience in This Business Of Songwriting from first page to last. It is crucial for the songwriter to understand that it is not enough to be able to write great songs, or even to learn to write great songs. There are a plethora of practical business skills and music publishing details that can make the difference between success and failure as a songwriter. This Business Of Songwriting steps up to the plate and fully delivers. It has whole chapters dedicated to grasping the basics of music publishing, choosing (and being chosen by) a publisher, staff writing, understanding music publishing agreements (which can be quite complex), self publishing your work, exploiting your copyrights, co-publishing your work, operating as a performing songwriter, and understanding copyright administration agreements. Three additional sections deal with how songs generate income, how to protect your songs,, and maximizing your chances for success. Each section contains two to five chapters detailing information that is crucial to the songwriter who is "in the business." As in many other fields, the key is a combination of organization, persistence, realistic expectations, and determined follow-through on good ideas. A Final Note from Blume contains valuable nuggets of encouragement to students of songwriting: "In the years that I've taught songwriting I've been privileged to watch some of my students attain their goals and live their dreams--but I've not seen it accomplished without dedication and hard work ... I know that success is possible, despite how it might sometimes feel. Take advantage of the educational and networking opportunities provided by classes, workshops, camps, and other music industry events; hone your skills by seeking professional feedback, studying the craft, and rewriting your work; learn about the business of songwriting; and most importantly, enjoy the ride (p. 310)."
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Title Annotation:This Business of Songwriting: A Practical Guide to Doing Business as a Songwriter
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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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