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Thirty Years Later, 'Broadcast News' Is as Timely as Ever.

Thirty years after the release of Broadcast News, the movie looks awfully old-fashioned. Journalists are tethered to telephone cords; reporters use stopwatches to time their voice-overs and production assistants ferry giant videotapes to and fro; shoulder pads are as wide as the generation gap. The first time we see Holly Hunter, playing TV news producer Jane Craig, she's power-walking in leg warmers and a lavender tracksuit jacket with reflective stripes. Elbows high, arms pumping, she marches up to a phalanx of six (six. SIX!) newspaper boxes and stuffs a quarter into each one, then powers on up to a parking garage with a huge stack of papers tucked under one arm.

We no longer live in a world in which six newspaper boxes sit side by side. Ten minutes into the movie, I worried that Broadcast News, like almost every other movie of my '80s youth, had aged horribly.

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Author:Ingall, Marjorie
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Jan 16, 2018
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