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Thinness without limits.

Because of their insulation properties and the design freedom associated with injection molding, polymers have been used for precision motion control applications, such as for motor insulators, bobbins, and switches. Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) has been a material of choice for motion applications with challenging electrical and thermal requirements. However, production of thin-wall parts with tight tolerances has been limited because of the melt-flow properties of PPS during processing.

Ueno Fine Chemicals Industry has introduced the 5000 Series liquid crystal polymer (LCP), a resin intended for the manufacture of precision components of motion control. Ueno LCP 5000 Series grades are reported to increase performance and reduce costs in these applications compared to those of PPS polymer grades. Because Ueno LCP 5000 Series grades exhibit the capability to rapidly fill parts with walls less than 1.0 mm thick, says the company, the resulting mold shrinkage of parts is between zero and 0.25%, allowing for "as molded" precision. In addition, fast solidification of LCP in the mold enables shorter processing times than those of PPS. Longer tool life typically results from the use of LCP because it does not produce corrosive gases similar to those produced during the processing of PPS, says Ueno.

The advantages of fast cycle time and long tool life mean that parts made from Ueno LCP 5000 Series are more economical than those made from PPS, and more important, the material permits increased flexibility of part design. The material can be molded in thinner wall sections with greater precision, thus allowing for smaller, more compact products. In the case of motor insulators, for example, a smaller part enables increased performance by freeing up space for additional coil windings.

Ueno Fine Chemicals Industry, Ltd., LCP Polymer Business, North America, 22 Founders Way, Downingtown, PA 19335; (610) 458-2038; Fax (610) 458-2041.
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Date:Jun 1, 2004
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