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Thinking on their feet; Comedy.

Fast and Loose (BBC Two, 10pm) SOMETIMES when you watch a panel show, it's easy to marvel at just how quickwitted the guest comedians are, coming up with snappy one-liners apparently completely off the cuff.

Then you see them live, or catch them on another show, and they deliver exactly the same jokes. Then you start to think maybe they aren't that spontaneous after all - just extremely good at shoehorning pre-prepared gags into any given situation.

That shouldn't be the case on this new series, which at first glance has more in common with Whose Line Is It Anyway? than the current crop of topical panel shows.

Hosted by Hugh Dennis, it gives up-and-coming comedians the chance to compete in ad-libbed games and scenes based on material chosen by the presenter and the audience.

Among the performers taking up the challenge and showing they really can think on their feet are Greg Davies, Justin Edwards, Pippa Evans, David Armand, Marek Larwood, Laura Solon, Humphrey Ker and Tom Parry.


Funnyman: Hugh Dennis hosts an ad-lib show that gives budding comedians a chance to shine.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jan 14, 2011
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