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Thinking Is Form: The Drawings of Joseph Beuys(Brief Article)

The conceptual aspect of drawing is considered in examining this legendary artist through his individualistic drawings. The subject of a major touring exhibition at the Museum of Modem Art and museums in Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles, Beuys' drawings serve as catalyst for discussions of his life, art and ideas. The title of both the exhibit and the book, Thinking Is Form, expresses Beuys' conception of the processes of drawing and sculpture. This large book is itself a work of art in layout, paper and printing quality. Featuring 250 illustrations, 135 in color, the book probes Beuys' drawings in an attempt to penetrate the thought processes of this important German artist. His drawing style evolves from observation of nature and objects, as portrayed in both traditional and unconventional (e.g., margarine, dirt, metallic paint) drawing media. Sometimes the drawings express his conceptual and political thought; other times he employs drawing to develop new concepts. This handsome publication will extend the reader's understanding of the drawing process, but is too obtuse for most students below the level of high school senior.
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Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 1, 1993
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