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Think. Big. Bring on the recovery! And embrace the fact that things will not be as they were.

There's never been a better time to be in marketing, business development and communications. Companies and organizations from small businesses to the Fortune 500 need more than ever to engage in meaningful interactions with clients and prospects. I am delighted and honored to be leading our association at the beginning of what I am confident will be a great renaissance in the legal profession.


Sure, the economy threw us all for a loop. And it will continue to do so. As the recovery happens, things will continue to change. Plans built on old assumptions, or that do not allow for flexibility in implementation, will fail. While superior execution remains important, the ability to think beyond the current situation and craft a vision for the future will increasingly differentiate winners from losers.

It's tempting to try to plot a course in small steps from where we are. But think about that for a minute: Do we like where we are? Instead, shouldn't we think about where we want to be?

Shouldn't we think about where we want to be?

Thinking about where we want to be means considering possibilities we hadn't thought of before. It means imagining the world months and years out, even as every day can be a struggle. It means thinking big--not letting anything get in the way of your ideas.

Now that you're thinking big, turn around and look back. It may be a little easier to see what you need to do today to get where you want to be. What do you need to do at your firm or company? With your community? For yourself and your family?

In the midst of dramatic change and transformation, LMA is thinking big, too. through the leadership of 2009 President Jennifer Manton, executive Director Betsi Roach, board members, committee and task force chairs, chapter leaders and many others, we embraced a new management model for our annual conference and the association itself. not a day passes without LMA leaders at the chapter and international levels thinking big about where we want to be and how we will get there. I look forward to updating you on our progress.

And I invite you to take the journey with us. LMA needs you to participate in reshaping our organization to be of greatest benefit to its members. Please be in direct contact with me ( or Betsi Roach ( with your thoughts--big and small! Also, please be sure to renew your membership and make your plans to reunite with us in Denver for the 24+th Annual LMA Conference, March 10-12.

Nathan Darling,, 202/298-1890

By Nathan Darling, LMA President

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Author:Darling, Nathan
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Date:Jan 1, 2010
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