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Think of the big picture.

Think of the big picture AS much as the idea of having a multiplex cinema and several restaurants within the Kingsgate complex sounds brilliant it is pretty hard to get too excited over the scheme when you consider the number of no-goes in regards to previous Kingsgate expansion plans, let alone plans for the wider Huddersfield area (Queensgate/HD1 developments).

This current plan should have happened years ago and should have been combined with the second phase 'Kingsgate 2' plan which, in the end, never happened. Frankly, we need an HD1 plan which covers the town centre and the Leeds Road/St Andrew's Road corridors. We need real plans for Kingsgate, redevelopment plans for Queensgate as well as plans for the old sports centre and we need to know if Cummins will be leaving their site on St Andrews Road and then we can make plans for that site along with the gasworks and incorporate it into the HD1 stadium development, find investors and 100% make it happen! It isn't a case of let's have competition with Leeds and Bradford, it's a case of serving the people of Huddersfield who were born and bred here and welcoming the people who have moved here and made Huddersfield their home.

There are many people who are proud to be born and bred in Huddersfield so let's have a council who will treat Huddersfield with the respect it deserves and stop fobbing us of with grand schemes which never materialise.

S Kaye Huddersfield

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Nov 20, 2015
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