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Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice.

Why do some people seem to get so much joy out of life, while others struggle for bitter survival? Why are some people able to realize their every potential, while others seem destined to underachieve? Why does opportunity always seem to knock on someone else's door--and what makes them so special?

Is it fate? Luck? Environment? Heredity?

According to the authors of Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice, Dennis Kimbro and the late Napoleon Hill, it's none of the above. The answer, they assert, is as simple as the reply of the Greek philosopher Aristotle, to a person who wanted to know how to get to Mount Olympus: "By simply ensuring that each step you take is toward Mount Olympus."

The point of this book, documented by numerous cases of ordinary, even disadvantaged people rising to fame, wealth and great achievement, is that successful people are not just beneficiaries of random good fortune, nor are they favored by fate. Rather, Kimbro and Hill assert, the successful have merely dedicated their day-to-day living (each step they make) to setting and then achieving their life's goals (their "Mount Olympus"). The authors then methodically illustrate and reinforce the strategies necessary to live a rewarding life.

Kimbro and Hill have assembled in one volume much of the time-tested advice many of us have heard, if not absorbed, from family elders, beloved teachers, biblical parables and other sources. This book should be required reading for all African-Americans truly committed to the pursuit of happines and fulfillment.
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Author:Edmond, Alfred, Jr.
Publication:Black Enterprise
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Feb 1, 1992
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