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Think about it ..our PM's not thinking right; BREXIT COUNT DOWN DAYS TO GO: er..NOT EVEN MRS MAY KNOWS!


It'd take a genius to solve Brexit - and that's one thing Theresa May is not.

OpenGenius website founder Chris Griffiths is, and has analysed what she's got wrong.

Some Remain-friends shared picture of a message bottle which reads: "help. We're stuck island with a hostile of Tory psychopaths.

The Prime Minister thinks in reactive ways, sticking to what's worked before and failing to work out what would work now.

Thanks, Britain."

She is never in control of events and lets events take control of her.

She acts on her assumptions, assuming good poll ratings would win her a big majority in the 2017 election.

Her thinking is selective so she relies on her preconceptions without testing them to see if they're right - like believing she could get her Brexit deal through Parliament.

But the one I like is that she's a "victim of functional fixedness". In plain language that means being too close to a problem to see it clearly.

It's time she relaxed on another walking holiday. Eek. Then again, maybe not.

That's when she ends up calling elections


REACTS PM is not in control

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 17, 2019
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