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Things you can do with seed packets.

Seed packets that hold seeds also hold the dreams of the gardeners who purchase them. But after the seeds have been planted and the dream way to being fulfilled, most seed packages that aren't tossed out are often relegated to marking rows, where they fade in the sun and blow away in the wind.

However, there are ways to recycle those seed packets for use the year around:

Make a mobile using seed packets to entertain a newborn.

Seed packets can be miniature files containing information for future reference, such as date planted, number of plants per row, first harvest date, last harvest date, disease or growing problems, total yield, etc.

Plain seed packets with no pictures that have been opened carefully can be used to organize small amounts of things such as buttons, snaps, washers, screws, etc.

Decorate canning jars containing home preserved produce to be given as gifts.

Make a collage of seed packets to hang in a workshop, family room, or kitchen.

Use the cut-out pictures on homemade flash cards to help children learn to spell and pronounce words, colors, etc. relating to the pictures from the packets.

Use cut-out pictures to make greeting cards, stationery, or even wrapping paper.

Glue cut-out pictures to plain jars, cans, smooth rocks and then cover with a coat or two of polyurethane varnish to make vases, pencil holders, plant pots, wastebaskets, paperweights, etc.

Let your imagination be your guide to recycling empty seed packets.
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Author:Randel, Laura
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Date:May 1, 1993
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