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Things to pay attention to in case of power cuts and power surges.

Hot weeks to come: Things to pay attention to in case of power cuts and power surges

7 tips from APC: How to choose power surge protection equipment?

* In the Middle East, the summer months, especially June and July, August see the most sun, heat and humidity * Electricity demand is high during these months and the chances of power cuts or power surges are more frequent* How can you protect your valuable home and office equipment from the potential damage caused by a power cut?* The price of surge suppressors is well below the damage caused by overvoltage

APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in integrated Critical Power and Cooling Services draws attention to the damage potentially caused by overvoltage during summer conditions. According to APC's statistics, most power cuts occur during the summer, in June and July, which might cause overvoltage that can damage sensitive electronic devices and can lead to short-circuit or fire.

"With a surge suppressor, you can be sure of one thing: the price of the equipment is still incomparably low considering the damage overvoltage may cause," said Christian Bertrand, Regional Director, Business Development & Support, APC - ME & Turkey.

According to APC, it is important to select a surge suppressor suitable for your needs and equipment -- a small office needs a solution different from a huge server room or a home user. The solution APC offers is part of a multilevel surge suppression solution: a fine protection against the most likely risk factors.

"A simple, three-step questionnaire on our website makes it easy for everyone to find the suitable protection against overvoltage," added Bertrand.

How to choose the right surge suppressor and UPS unit? APC provides the following tips to help you in making the right decision:

1 Select an overvoltage protection device with a low voltage throughput rating. Remember that the surge suppressor solution works only if there is sufficient earthing in the apartment.2 Select a surge protection device for ensuring the safety of electronic equipment that protects all potential paths endangered by surge, including electrical cords, telephone cords, data lines and coaxial cables. 3 Add an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to those devices that need to operate even during a blackout.4 Select a UPS unit with scalable runtime if you want to increase the operating time of crucial equipment by connecting more batteries.5 Get the most out of your valuable home theatre system and at the same time protect it by using a power supply enhancement device, which does not only give protection against electric surges but also controls voltage and offers noise filtering.6 For your own safety chose a power protection device that offers a lifetime guarantee for the loss occurred in the connected equipment.7 Also watch out for certification: Choose a power protection gear that is safety certified.

To select the most suitable surge protection equipment, use APC's surge selector service at On the website, specify the electronic equipment that needs protection and the Surge Suppression Selector will list the most suitable products for the purpose.

APC offers a wide range of surge protection equipment. APC SurgeArrest[R] products protect sensitive electronic devices from damage and failure caused by overvoltage. Most models also protect telephone lines from damaging lightning. Essential series is developed to provide protection for PCs and electronic entertainment devices, Home/Office series is for home and small office equipment, and Performance series protect high performance PCs and electronic devices.

Designed to protect otherwise vulnerable data lines, the ProtectNet[R] series protect computers and telecommunications and IT networks from overvoltage emerging on individual data cables. The Rack-mount ProtectNet[R] product range ensures the protection of telephone, network, coax and data cables in a modular structure. Connected to the ground and in the network before the devices to be protected, the individual surge protection modules prevent damage in case of a sudden overvoltage.

Surge Suppression SolutionsA multilevel protection system can offer the perfect solution against overvoltage impulses. And against the relatively rare high-energy impulses, a protection system built in the distribution cabinet offers a good solution. The integrated premium solutions also offered by APC ensure complete central protection against most risk factors, including overvoltage on electric and communications systems.

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Date:Aug 6, 2008
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Things to pay attention to in case of power cuts and power surges.

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