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Things to do this week.

PUT new aquatic plants in the pond, either in the soil at the bottom or using special aquatic baskets.

EARTH up early potatoes.

KEEP planting vegetables into the ground and under glass for a succession of crops.

HARDEN off aubergines which have been raised under glass, planting out under cloches and working a little general fertiliser into the bed beforehand.

PINCH out badly placed shoots on pruned rose bushes.

PLANT crocosmia, galtonia, gladioli and nerine.

THE time is right to net your blackcurrants against birds.

START pruning trained fruit tree forms, such as espaliers, fans and cordons, to encourage fruit bud formation.

PLANT evergreens and shift large specimens if necessary.

REMOVE cloches from strawberries during the day to allow access by pollinating insects.

PROTECT crops from carrot fly.

PRUNE Clematis montana after flowering.

GET sowing your fast-maturing and late-flowering annuals directly into their flowering positions.


Now's the time to net your blackcurrants against birds
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Date:May 2, 2013
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