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Things To Know About iOS 10.

Apple is going to launch its new iPhones and its second-generation Apple Watch today. Apart from launching new devices, however, the Cupertino giant is also expected to debut its newest mobile operating system for its iPhones and iPads, ( iOS 10 . 

The rumor mill is for the most part focused on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, so it is not surprising that we hear very little of Apple's upcoming iOS installment. The last we heard to confirm that the development of the mobile operating system is still in progress was Apple's announcement that it is ( cleaning up its App Store and getting rid of outdated and low-quality apps. At the time, the Tim Cook-helmed tech company also revealed that it is imposing new policies on third-party developers. 

It isn't clear how Apple's decision to remove "abandonware" from its App Store is related to the imminent launch of iOS 10, but this could possibly pave the way to a wider application of Siri in various apps. It can be noted that in late August, the Wall Street Journal confirmed that iOS 10's Siri has support for integration with certain ( third-party apps . At launch, however, the improved Siri would only be compatible to a limited number of messaging, photo search and mobile payment apps. 

Announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference of this year, Apple's iOS 10 entered beta testing shortly, with the different beta versions leaking features that users can expect from the new OS slowly but surely. Some of the exciting features and big improvements iOS 10 is going to come with include 3D Touch support on the lock screen of the iPhones and iPads, Digital Touch, a new widgets screen and enhanced Messages app that has support for background animations, Tapback replies, predictive emoji and many more. 

With iOS 10, Apple's music-streaming app, Apple Music, is expected to have improved overall design that would enhance the user experience more than just improving its visual presentation. ( VentureBeat has learned that iOS 10 is going to bring a personalized For You section and features a weekly playlist for users to explore.

As per the ( Independent , the new iOS 10 would only be available for the new iPhones all the way down to the iPhone 5. The mobile OS is also going to be available for iPad devices, specifically iPad Mini 2 and later models and iPad 4 along with later models. 

Unfortunately, while iOS 10 appears to be ready for release alongside the debut of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the Independent believes that the mobile OS would only be accessible to to the public at least a week after the company's iPhone event, so it is likely that the Cupertino giant has scheduled the new mobile OS for release on Sept. 14.

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Date:Sep 7, 2016
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