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Thin film RTD elements for OEM applications.

Omega Engineering, Inc. introduced its Omegafilm F2020 series of platinum thin film elements. The temperature range is -70[degrees]C to 500[degrees]C, and they are available in 100[ohm], 500[ohm] and 1,000[ohm] configurations in Class-A, Class-B and 1/3 DIN accuracies. They measure 2.0 mm x 2.0 mm x 0.8 mm, are suitable for use in tight places, and their flat profile allows for easy surface mounting. These elements have applications in gas chromatography, lab freezers and ovens, pharmaceuticals, meat processing, semiconductor manufacturing, automotive testing and HVAC as well as in chemical, water petroleum, appliance, machine building and IC manufacturing.


Omega Engineering, Inc.


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Title Annotation:SENSORS & ACTUATORS
Publication:ECN-Electronic Component News
Date:Oct 1, 2007
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