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Thickness measurement. (Instruments).

The Model 25HP Plus ultrasonic precision thickness gauge is said to be ideal for measuring thickness and determining material properties in robber and thick plastics. Ultrasonic testing is nondestructive, which means that a probe needs to be placed on just one side of the robber part in order to achieve instant, accurate thickness measurements, according to the company. The 25HP Plus is designed for making measurements on robber and other materials that are difficult or impossible to measure using standard ultrasonic gauges. Ideal applications for the 25HP Plus are said to include measuring the thickness of rubber hoses, conveyor belts, tires and robber coatings. The Model 25HP Plus displays both the thickness reading and the ultrasonic waveform on its large LCD screen. It has many practical measurement features and a sophisticated alphanumeric, file-based datalogger, according to the company. This handheld thickness gauge can be used with various transducer types to make accurate, one-sided measurements on materials. The A-Scan is said to be very useful in applications where the user needs to verify the echo trace or ensure proper transducer alignment. (Panametrics)

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Date:Feb 1, 2002
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