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Thick liquid transfers by Pump Engineering. (Plant & Equipment).

Liquids handling specialist Pump Engineering has developed a range of pumps that are suitable for transferring thick, viscous liquids from tanks, drums and IBC's. The company's CSF piston pumps are available in quick-strip; long and short versions, suited respectively to easily dismantlling; drum emptying where the piston is below the liquid level, and bottom discharge vessels or wall-mounting where required. The pumps are air-operated and deliver pressures up to 20 bar, with flowrates reaching up to 100 litres per minute. CSF pumps are also fitted with a special bag-in druns inlet, a feature that prevents the plastic drum lining used in some containers, from being drawn into the pump. For non-flowable creams, pastes, gels and waxes, the pumps can be fitted with a follower plate and single or two post ram, which is suited to parallel sided vessels.

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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Nov 1, 2002
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