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They wanted an "upbeat" kitchen.

A lighter, brighter, more sociable kitchen was what Erica and Jim Pierce wanted in their remodel: "An upbeat place where people can sit while I cook," says Mrs. Pierce, "plus a spot for planning meals."

Seattle designer Kent Mettler met the requirements with a 4- by 16-foot pop-out. With a skylight along its full length, the addition brings much needed light into the 208-square-foot kitchen.

After gutting the existing space, he installed new insulation, wiring, and plumbing. Double-glazed, anodized aluminum windows harmonize with windows elsewhere in the streamlined house

Slick plastic laminate on cupboards and counters eases cleaning chores, and the light color scheme helps to visually enlarge the space.

By angling a 36-inch-wide cooktop peninsula slightly into the center of the room, Mettler was able to incorporate a built-in sofa--with storage below--and a desk. "Children and party guest head for that little sofa instinctively," says the owner, "and I get off my feet for a few minutes waiting for food to finish cooking."

The peninsula has a row of high chairs along the outside for breakfast on the run or casual conversation with the cook. A large pot rack over the cooktop holds a handsome array of pots and pans--functional display that saves space below.
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Date:Mar 1, 1986
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