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They think it's all over.


FOOTBALL'S coming home... Early.

No sooner had the ink on their passport stamps dried, the England team were already back on the plane home, touching down Wednesday in Manchester for the northern-based players, then for the rest: Luton (perhaps the final insult to if moral couldn't be any lower) As they left their plane, the England team were handed complimentary Xboxes and fifa14 games as part of the world cup sponsorship deal.

So they can join thousands of British Xbox live teenagers, who will undoubtedly be giving Costa Rica the virtual beating of a lifetime.

But we weren't the only ones this year to bite off more than we can chew, as the footage of Luis Suarez has been the most watched teeth attack video on YouTube since "Charlie bit my finger".

His alleged biting of Giorgio Chiellini would be the third time in his career for Suarez and his teeth being in hot water, clear embarrassment to many as even Mike Tyson and Hannibal Lecter have both unfriended him on Facebook. Although I hear he's the favourite to be recast as 007's enemy "Jaws" in the next James Bond film.

Who knows? He might have a lot of free time on his hands for the next two years...

So as our World Cup dreams lay on the floor unfulfilled and disregarded like so many Panini sticker books, it's now we have to try and bring ourselves to use that famous British spirit to look at the positives.

Primark are now selling England car flags for 10p, which doesn't do much for our World Cup dreams but at least the EDL will save a few bob kitting out their tour bus.

Another positive is the start of Wimbledon, which means we can use all our spare World Cup time and energy to pin our hopes on Andy Murray remaining the pride of Britain, and winning for the second year. Unless he doesn't, or Scotland becomes independent in the mean time; but other than that nothing else could ruin this.

I do think every time in this country when we do well at a sport, all of a sudden our focus shifts from the usual majority of attention that football gets: like when we won the rugby world cup, the Ashes and then Wimbledon with Murray.

So maybe this is the time for all the sports in the UK to stand up and be counted as big a sporting distraction as we can get - what else can we be good at? Maybe something new that we can own and take pride in as something quintessentially British, something that's not even already a sport? There is something the British people excel at above all countries, things like passive aggressively muttering under our breaths in line at the post office, making a cup of tea to start and end a day, or even putting the washing out just before it rains but I don't think the Olympics are getting ready to add these yet.

Their loss. We'd bring home more gold than the request list at a Spandau Ballet concert.


The England team arrive home
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Jun 27, 2014
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