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They think i t's all lager . . IT IS NOW!; 86% PROOF; YOU SAY FA BOTTLED IT.

England bosses have chickened out by refusing to name the guilty men who brought shame to our entire Euro 96 squad.

That's the overwhelming verdict of Daily Mirror readers who voted in their thousands for the FA to identify the hooligans hiding in Terry Venables' squad.

A staggering 86 per cent believe Venables was wrong to blame all 22 of his players for the pounds 5,000 of damage on the infamous flight from Hong Kong.

And only a handful of callers to our hotline are backing the England coach's decision to apportion "collective responsibility" for last week's flight of disgrace.

The phones were red hot last night as you condemned the buckets of FA whitewash being poured over the Cathay Pacific scandal.

Venables had threatened to come down like a ton of bricks on any offenders and claimed: "I will lose respect for people if they don't own up to what they have done."

But when he finally got round to launching his inquiry into the sorry affair, not one player had the bottle to come clean.

Instead of getting tough with his men, he's allowed the guilty men to wriggle off the hook and hide away among the blameless in the squad. And instead of putting the matter to rest once and for all, the pressure is still on Venables and Graham Kelly to condemn the guilty men.
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Title Annotation:Sport
Author:Irwin, Mark
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 5, 1996
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