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They surrounded the spa with storage, seating.

They surrounded the spa with storage, seating

It still looks bulky, but this self-contained fiberglass spa now has step-ups, seating, and storage around it.

Platforms bank three sides of the shell. Leading up from the patio is the lowest one, 8 inches high, which is covered with indoor-outdoor carpet. Next comes a 16-inch-high deck of 2-by-6s, cut to follow the spa's contours; this serves as a second step and as a bench.

Along the house wall, flush with the spa's rim, is a 31-inch-high lidded storage compartment. The insulating cover rests on this when the spa is in use.

Photo: Freestanding spa tucked under patio roof is wrapped by three platforms. The back one, against the house wall, has hinged compartment to store spa supplies
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Date:Aug 1, 1984
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