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They streamlined counters, cabinets.

They streamlined counters, cabinets

New lights and light colors brighten thisformerly dark-toned kitchen built in the '70s. Streamlined counters and cabinets offer an uncluttered look and help the remodel blend with the family area it faces.

Replacing the original fluorescent ceiling,recessed down lights in a U-shaped soffit shine directly on work areas. In place of a gold and orange color scheme, mat-finish almond-tone plastic laminate covers counters and European-style invisible-hinge cabinets and drawer fronts. Below the counters, more space-efficient drawers replaced cabinets.

Light-toned oak trims counters and formshorizontal pulls along drawers and cabinet doors.

Professionally refinished with an epoxypaint to match the laminate, the existing dishwasher and refrigerator also complement new light-colored wallpaper and vinyl flooring. A beige porcelain sink takes the place of a yellow one in the counter between kitchen and family room.

On the family room side, cutting off thecorners made the cantilevered dining bar more functional.

Interior designer David Stratton plannedthe remodel for owners Nancy and Julian Apostolou of Renton, Washington.

Photo: Sleek new cabinetry, countertops, and angles on dining bar give kitchen a modern look

Photo: Angling two corners of 4- by 12-foot counter not only improves access from kitchen to family room, but creates seating for four. Support post is now faced with oak
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Title Annotation:kitchen remodeling
Date:Mar 1, 1987
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