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They see her cook, but they can't smell the garlic.

Her recipes aren't classified secrets, but when Betty Mar begins cooking one of her highly prized Chinese meals, she works behind closed doors. The reason? She loves having her kitchen--but not the rest of the house--smell of garlic, ginger, peanut oil, and other exotic perfumes.

At the same time, she doesn't want to feel completely shut off. A pair of glass doors and two tall, narrow windows keep the kitchen visually open to the adjoining family room. Each 7-foot-tall door is 32 inches wide. The 6-1/2-foot windows are 15 inches wide and trimmed in vertical-grain fir. When open, the doors fold all the way back over the windows. (A solid wood door separates the kitchen from a more formal dining room.)

Seattle architects Carolyn Widgery and Stuart Silk designed the kitchen. At the center stands a 46-1/2-inch-wide. 8-1/2-foot-long island equipped with storage cabinets and a double sink that looks toward the family room. The easy-to-clean, glossy red laminate top adds color to the predominantly white kitchen.

A gas cooktop is set into the counter behind the island. At the back of the cooktop, a heavy-duty exhaust fan vents cooking fumes close to their source.
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Date:Jun 1, 1984
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