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They said what?

"The road to Glastonbury has been long and winding with some unexpected bumps, speed bumps! But ... it's a big singalong, that's what I'm hoping for, just a big love fest" - Kylie Minogue.

"The sagging male psyche can't really be reupholstered by younger lovers, faster motorbikes and marathon training" - Writer Kathy Lette.

"I am sure that whoever succeeds me is going to be working to achieve the majority in Parliament that I was not able to achieve in order to ensure that we can leave the EU and we can leave in an orderly way" - Prime Minister Theresa May.

"This is a matter of principle about racism, about the Labour Party being the party of equality, the party that is anti-racist. That reputation is slipping away from us every day" - Labour MP Jess Phillips insisting that the Labour whip should be removed from Chris Williamson for alleged anti-Semitism.

"Listen, all this fuss about spies and counterspies, it is not worth serious interstate relations. This spy story, as we say, it is not worth five kopecks. Or even five pounds, for that matter" - Russian president Vladimir Putin on the Salisbury poisonings.

"I'm not attracted to the idea of a no-deal exit from the EU but, you know, I think it would be absolutely folly to rule it out. I think it's an essential tool of our negotiation" - Tory leadership contestant Boris Johnson.

"We have got the biggest constitutional crisis in living memory and that is because MPs like me made a promise to the people that we would deliver the outcome of the referendum whatever it was, and we failed" - Jeremy Hunt, the other Toy leadership contestant.

"With the greatest of respect that's asking me if I'd prefer to be run down by a lorry or a bus" - Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on who when asked whether she would prefer Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt as prime minister.

"Politics is much much worse than any of you can imagine. It is genuinely a terrible thing" - Tory MP Rory Stewart.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 29, 2019
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