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They said what?

"I did date a Chelsea girl once and she wouldn't tell any of her friends she was dating me. And she went 'No, Olly, I have to tell them you're my Essex builder because you're a bit rough around the edges'. No, she didn't last long" - singer Olly Murs.

"I don't think he is part of my decision-making process, he's my husband" - the Prime Minister on Philip May.

"Chequers may not even be a dying duck, it may be slightly more Count Dracula in that it seems to get up at night and walk abroad, but it doesn't seem to have much life in the sunlight" - pro-Brexit Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg on the much-criticised Chequers proposals.

"A moral and intellectual humiliation for this country" - Boris Johnson's renewed attack on the Chequers proposals.

"The blue on blue in-fighting has already kicked off ahead of Tory conference" - Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran on the Tory internal warfare over Brexit.

"I have never witnessed such passion, energy and powerful socialist leadership. Many people, myself included, probably never thought we would witness an unswerving socialist like Jeremy Corbyn at the helm" - Derek Hatton, who was expelled from the Labour Party in the 1980s.

"This is a widespread cultural disease that we are living with. It sickens me. Every woman has had a date with a guy who has been too aggressive with her. She's felt like she has needed to leave at some point. That's a problem" - actress Natalie Portman on sexual harassment.

"A slight suggestion of breast is a perfect metaphor for women in business" - game show host and poker player Victoria Coren Mitchell.

"I'm going to buzz off in November because I'm fed up with the corruption in this country. This country is in a terrible mess at the moment" - actor and comedian John Cleese.

"Seems an awful lot of parents agree on the pointlessness and stressful nature of homework. Kids should be allowed to play and enjoy home-life with their parents without the divisiveness of work they have plenty of time to do at school" - football pundit Gary Lineker.

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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Sep 29, 2018
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