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They said what?

"I don't fret about my size. I am not Posh Spice. I focus on honing my talent, not toning my thighs"

Connie Fisher who has just ended her leading role in The Sound of Music

"Not for the first time, I thanked my maker for giving me a vocation that may bore the armpits off you, but is unlikely to kill you"

Actress Maureen Lipman after reading a book about the inadequacies of some junior doctors

"Every guy I've ever fallen in love with, I've fallen in love with the beauty of them, and then they turn weird"

Melanie Brown, alias Scary Spice

"Living with a Gucci man was a bit like living in the court of Caligula"

Jenny Gucci, ex-wife of Paolo Gucci

"Secrecy has been the order of the week. Secrecy creates suspicion. At every stage, the Government has insisted on secrecy about the real situation of Northern Rock"

Cross-bench peer Lord Rees-Mogg

"I would imagine that for most people, a bird with good table manners is one that lies still while you are carving"

Broadcaster and commentator Sandi Toksvig

"They are the new fakes for the new generation"

Opera diva Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, on singers who become celebrities by crossing popular and classical music

"I paint myself because I am available and I am the cheapest model I know"

Artist Jack Vettriano

"Harrison Ford was the dullest man I've ever interviewed. I was thinking he would be like Indiana Jones, but he told me he 'quite liked carpentry"'

TV presenter Claudia Winkleman
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 26, 2008
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