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They revived the galley kitchen.

They revived the galley kitchen

It's hard to spot the remodeled portion ofthis Craftsman-era house in Berkeley. From the outside, the new kitchen looks as though it has always been there, with multipaned casement windows and extra-long barn shingles like those elsewhere on the house.

Inside, it's a new twist on an old idea: thegalley kitchen. For maximum efficiency, cabinets and compartments line up along both sides of a 10-foot-wide, 20-foot-long corridor. At both ends, glass-topped Dutch doors open onto decks for easy indoor-outdoor entertaining. The windows in the end walls swing open for cross-ventilation.

The original kitchen was cramped anddark, opening onto an equally gloomy laundry porch. San Francisco architect Heidi Richardson, of William Turnbull Associates, removed an interior wall to make one long, open space. Small-paned windows along three sides of the new kitchen give an unobstructed view of the upward-sloping back garden.

The fourth wall contains doors to bothdining room and basement, a walk-in pantry, a full bank of storage closets, a builtin desk, and the refrigerator. Built-in bookshelves above the desk extend across the top of the dining room door.

A synthetic marble (Corian) counter witha tiled backsplash runs the length of the window wall. At the back of the counter and 14 inches above it, a 10-inch-wide ledge forms a display area at the base of the windows.

Though the kitchen has the flavor of atime gone by, it incorporates many modern conveniences, including microwave oven and commercial range.

The floor is Douglas fir sealed with polyurethane.All cabinets and walls are covered in vertical-grain fir stained a honey color that, with the white ceiling and countertop, creates a light, warm, and understated feeling.

Photo: Appliances, desk, and storagecloset line up along efficient corridor

Photo: Windows and shingles on kitchenmatch existing features in house, maintaining its architectural integrity

Photo: Ample pantry shelving keepsmain space uncluttered. Built-in desk and bookshelves make convenient planning center

Photo: Carefully proportioned wood-framedwindows wrap kitchen with garden view. Dutch doors with window panels open narrow but airy corridor kitchen to outdoor decks at each end
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Title Annotation:kitchen models of efficiency
Date:Feb 1, 1987
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