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They push out the back, linked indoors to a wide deck.

They pushed out the back, linked indoors to a wide deck

There's a bustle at the back of this 900-square-footBerkeley bungalow. It doubles the kitchen's size, provides space for a breakfast area and a laundry-pantry, and links indoors and outdoors with an expansive, house-wide deck that includes a covered area off the master bedroom.

Originally, small windows and an awkwardback stoop cramped this end of the house, kept it dark, and didn't take advantage of the garden. For the extensions, architect Gary Earl Parsons adapted the existing pitched roof but tailored his design to accommodate interior functions.

He pushed the back wall out 8 feet for thebreakfast area and laundry-pantry. To increase ceiling height and make space for clerestory windows and a skylight in the breakfast area, Parsons pitched the ceiling to match the roof. Also matching this pitch is an overhang outside the master bedroom.

Instead of meeting at the peak, though,the roofs leave a notch above the laundry-pantry. Here, a shed roof, perpendicular to the other two, slopes away toward the deck. Both the master bedroom and new breakfast area open directly to the deck.

Photo: Shed-roofed extensions expand back of bungalow; breakfast room and master bedroom open to new deck with steps down to lawn

Photo: Inside breakfast room, skylighttops window set into side wall; French doors open to back deck

Photo: Before, rear ofbungalow all but obstructed access to garden. French doors at right were added early on for light but, without steps, were unusable
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Date:Jul 1, 1987
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