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They opened their kitchen but saved the 1930s reminders.

They opened their kitchen but saved the 1930s reminders Once two small rooms, this newly unified kitchen and breakfast room is now bright and contemporary, but it hasn't lost the best reminders of its 1930s past.

To create the light-filled 10- by 20-foot space, San Francisco architect Isabel King Bradshaw removed the walls dividing the old kitchen from the breakfast room. She retained the breakfast room's unusual glass-block exterior walls and used similar glass blocks as a partition when she pushed the kitchen's end wall out 1 foot into an adjacent hallway.

Helping to unify the room, a narrow strip of mirror angled across the corner adjacent to the new glass-block wall corresponds to the original floor-to-ceiling mirror strips retained in the corners of the eating area. Black granite countertops lead the eye to the diagonally laid black-and-white vinyl tile floor.

In the angled corners of the U-shaped counter, Bradshaw installed a new double sink and a gas grill. Ovens, refrigerator, and generous pantry storage cupboards line up along the opposite wall.

A custom-made ventilation hood hangs above the commercial range and the gas grill. Adding an art deco touch, an easy-to-clean stainless steel panel with a creased sunburst design covers the wall behind the range.
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Date:Aug 1, 1986
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