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They just popped out a wall 2 feet. All the rest is borrowed space.

Little space, lots of inconvenience: that described the original kitchen in Laura and Gregg Perloff's 1950s tract house in Lafayette, California. It functioned more as a hallway than as a kitchen because the path to the back door went right through the work area, taking traffic directly past the refrigerator and oven. Counter space was scarce, and overhead cabinets created a bulky, light-blocking partition between the kitchen and an unnecessarily large breakfast room.

San Francisco architect Bernard Stein, of Swatt & Stein, opened up the kitchen by removing the ceiling-hung cabinet partition and borrowing 7 feet from the breakfast room. Those extra feet allowed him to reposition the back door and add an island for the stove, routing traffic out of the work area.

A new peninsula separates the kitchen from the breakfast area without closing off either space. To keep the breakfast area ftom becoming too cramped, Stein popped out the north wall 2 feet, building in a window seat.

The central wall was also put to better use, with a microwave and conventional ovens built in next to a wet bar-all positioned out of the cook's way. At the other end, a recesssed TV and stereo center replaced a little-used indoor barbecue.
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Title Annotation:kitchen remodeling
Date:Nov 1, 1988
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