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They gave up just 6 feet of deck space.

A few extra feet added to the dining room and kitchen of this Hollywood Hills house gained more than floor space. Fanciful new architectural forms set off both rooms, defining each with shapes not found in adjacent spaces.

Outside, the addition pushes out 6 feet into a generous deck area. In the dining room, the shallow addition gives definition to what had been a corner of the living room. The space is further distinguished by its ceiling detailing: a barrel vault is set off by an arc of neon. Three triangular bays feature silicone-joined glass corners that keep the glazed expanses uninterrupted.

On the kitchen side, the added space provides room for tall cabinets along the wall dividing the rooms, and enough new floor space for a breakfast table beyond the curving counter on the opposite wall. Here, the ceiling follows the new roof line on one side, then drops back down to rest on the central dividing wall.

Architect: Gary Gilbar, Los Angeles, for Suzanne and Paul Rubenstein.
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Title Annotation:kitchen remodeling
Date:Mar 1, 1989
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