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They doubled the kitchen's size and efficiency.

Not long ago, this spacious kitchen was half its size and far less efficient. To expand the room and make it relate better to the rest of the house, Candy and Kenneth Caldwell called in architect Donald King Loomis of Tiburon, California.

Mrs. Caldwell wanted to have four walls surround the room, but with doors or pass-throughs in each wall so that she could keep tabs on activity in the family room, back yard, dining room, and newly enclosed entry hall. She also needed ample storage and display space, a desk, well-placed counters, and comfortable seating.

The plans below show how Loomis accomplished all this by borrowing space from a store room and hall, and substituting a central island for room-wrapping counters.

He also moved a wall out under an eave to make enough room for a desk and window seat. A small pantry handles much of the storage, leaving walls free for open display shelves.

The island helps define the kitchen's multiple roles. On one side is an efficient meal-preparation center: the sink faces the stovetop and grill, and the refrigerator is just steps away; around one corner, a marble baking counter sits opposite built-in ovens. Chairs on the other side of the island are for informal meals, childrenhs projects, and kibitzing. The cushioned window seat beckons guests and an occasional napper.

The Caldwell's three children have their own side of the kitchen, keeping their traffic away from the cook. Near the entry doorway are hooks for coat and bag drop-off and a long sideboard that holds crafts and art supplies.

To give the refrigerator a custom look, the Caldwells faced both doors with adhesive-backed cork bought at a school supply shop. They first made a paper template, cut the cork with a mat knife, and applied it like wallpaper with cork adhesive (from a floor-covering supplier). A protective spray keeps the cork clean.
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Date:May 1, 1984
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