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They didn't just relandscape. They "edited the environment."

"Environmental editing" was the approach used in making this back garden more efficient and enjoyable. In the original garden, a pool and its deck occupied most of the space, and a broad asphalt driveway took up the rest; a shed-roofed eating area bore no relation to the lines of the house and was unnecessarily dark; upstairs rooms had no outdoor access.

Los Angeles landscape architect Miriam Lehrer served as the editor. To allow more lawn, she removed the old deck and narrowed the pool by 6 feet (this entailed adding a new reinforced-concrete wall inside the old pool, and packing the space between with approved fill). To visually soften the driveway and link it with the garden, she replaced the asphalt with diamond-shaped concrete pavers interspersed with grass.

She opened up the outdoor dining area by replacing the canopy with a stucco and wood trellis which will eventually be covered with vines. Upstairs, a new viewcatching bay window and roof deck further link the house with the out-of-doors.
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Date:Nov 1, 1988
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