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They cut into the roof for a new top-floor bedroom.

They cut into the roof for a new top-floor bedroom

Inspired by the notion of making "onelittle room an everywhere,' Julia Owens and Larry Thomas of Seattle credit poet John Donne with describing what they wanted in a new top-floor bedroom. More than a place to sleep, it would be a space to wind up with a breakfast tray and paper, and wind down with a glass of wine and a book or television program.

To get 300 square feet of floor space forthe bedroom and 90 for an adjoining deck, architects Bill Curtis and Pat Emmons cut into the east-facing side of the house's pitched roof, then added a shed dormer to gain headroom. For the addition's inside wall, they designed floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets to organize garments and assorted amenities, including books, electronics, and a small refrigerator.

They brightened the room with a greenhousewindow that lets morning light stream in and provides a stage for a varied cast of house plants. French doors lead to the deck and open the room to refreshing breezes. Along with a large window next to them, the doors bring in light and views of surrounding treetops. Behind the deck are the staircase landing and a tiny bathroom that fits under the original roof.

The deck's wing wall echoes the new roofline and creates privacy and a windbreak. White-painted walls help turn the deck into a warm pocket even on chilly mornings. Its floor has a slight slope so water can drain through a gap along its front edge, onto the roof lip, and into the housewide gutter.

Photo: A place to relax with a book or take in the view: bedroom and deck replaced old attic

Photo: Slotted into house's rear roof line, bedroomand deck overlook garden. Deck's tall wing wall reflects sunlight, adding warmth

Photo: Behind louvered doors, television sits on extension shelf, clothes hang, shoes line up, and refrigerator and coffee maker hide. Vanity recess has light above and mirror behind
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Date:Feb 1, 1987
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