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They created a courtyard by adding a master suite.

Where is it written that an addition must touch the existing house? By locating a new master suite 20 feet across a paved court and then surrounding the court with 12-foot-tall walls, Tucson architect Corky Poster not only provided a tranquil adult space but also created an outdoor room his family enjoys most of the year. Little was done to the existing 860- square-foot house; it still contains the kitchen, living-dining room, a bath, and two children's bedrooms. Poster concentrated his efforts on the square courtyard and the modest suite with the bonus of a new roof deck. An always-on intercom monitors the children. A greenhouse on the outer south wall collects solar heat during winter days; a fan blows it into the addition. With its brick floors, concrete roof, and sand-filled concrete-block walls, there is enough mass around the space to store heat overnight with a drop of only 4'. On the blocks' exterior, 2-inch-thick foam covered with stucco also moderates temperatures. In summer, greenhouse glazing is whitewashed, and windows are opened.
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Date:Aug 1, 1989
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